Pulldown Pendant Lamp Canopy Kit


Create a pulldown pendant lamp using an old bucket, colander, or just about anything that weighs between 10 ounces and 1.5 pounds with a 1.5” hole for the lamp socket. Mason jar shade not included with this item. Bulb sold separately

Instructions sheet included. This kit allows for easy height adjustment of your lamps while providing some great style. We have included 7’ of fabric-covered lamp cord to allow installing on a higher ceiling. Installing on a standard 8’ ceiling? No problem, just pull unwanted cord through the canopy, effectively shortening the cord Shortening the cord increases the lamp height when fully raised or fully lowered.

 For instance, when using 7’ of cord:

  • Lamp fully raised – socket is approx. 36” from ceiling 
  • Lamp fully lowered – socket is approx. 72” from ceiling 

If cord is shortened to 5’:

  • Lamp fully raised – socket is approx. 24” from ceiling 
  • Lamp fully lowered – socket is approx. 48” from ceiling
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