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Candle Holders

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  • Square Lantern Measures 16.75-Inches high and 5.5-Inches square

    Square Lantern

  • 17-Inch Sturbridge Lantern Measures 17.5-Inches high and 5.5-Inches diameter

    17-Inch Sturbridge Lantern

  • 50% off! Star Votive Holder with Glass - Rustic Brown

    Star Votive Candle Holder w/Glass – Rustic Brown

    REDUCED SHIPPING $5.95 $2.95
  • Baker's Lantern in Weathered Zinc Measures 13-Inches high and 4.75-Inches diameter

    Baker’s Lantern in Weathered Zinc

  • Industrial Candle Holder Measures 9.75-Inches high and 7.5-Inches diameter

    Industrial Candle Holder

  • Gathering Room Candle Holder Measures 6.5-Inches high and 4.5-Inches diameter

    Gathering Room Candle Holder

  • Mantle Light Measures 10.5-Inches high and 7.25-Inches wide and 4.5-Inches deep

    Mantle Light

  • Keeping Room Lantern Measures 14-Inches high and 5.5-Inches wide and 5.5-Inches deep

    Keeping Room Lantern

  • Storekeeper Accent Light Measures 11.5-Inches high and 6-Inches wide and 7.5-Inches deep

    Storekeeper Accent Light

  • Pyramid Candle Holder Measures 20-Inches high and 16.5-Inches wide and 7.5-Inches deep

    Pyramid Candle Holder

    FREE SHIPPING $45.95
  • Oval Wall Candle Sconce Measures 16-Inches high and 8.5-Inches wide and 6-Inches deep

    Oval Wall Candle Sconce

  • Scoop Candle Sconce Measures 13.75-Inches high and 6.75-Inches wide and 3-Inches deep

    Scoop Candle Sconce

  • New England Sconce Measures 21-Inches high and 8-Inches wide and 5-Inches deep

    New England Sconce

    FREE SHIPPING $55.95
  • Candle Holders Dublin Lantern available at Primci Decor

    Dublin Lantern

  • 46% off! Candle Holders Large Railroad Lantern available at Primci Decor

    Large Railroad Lantern

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  • Candle Holders White Railway Lantern available at Primci Decor

    White Railway Lantern

  • Canopy Candle Holder Measure: 11-Inches high and 7-Inches wide and 5.75-Inches deep

    Canopy Candle Holder

  • Skinny Black Lantern Candle Holders

    Skinny Black Lantern

  • Double Lantern Candle Holders

    Double Lantern

  • Galvanized Glass Lantern Candle Holders

    Galvanized Glass Lantern

  • Galvanized Wire Lantern W/Bird Candle Holders

    Galvanized Wire Lantern W/Bird