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Woven Throws

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Woven Throws

A woven throw from our country home collection can keep you and your family warm and comfortable no matter what the weather’s like outside. Every country home or cottage deserves the welcoming touch and visual invitation woven throws can provide. Our inventory includes check fabric throws, plaid throws, floral patterned throws, and Jacquard woven throws.

Topping a bed with a decorative throw in a soft chenille or woven pattern is a simple decorating trick that adds texture and color to any bedroom. Many of the elegant throws we’ve collected are large enough to cover a twin or standard size bed, and that makes updating your interior easy to accomplish. You can find woven throws as large as 70 inches by 50 inches in our catalog.

Consider using a classic plaid throw in a blue woven cotton yarn in the children’s study nook or a traditional black and red highland plaid throw in the den. Classic plaids are a timeless reminder of the important role family and home plays in our lives. Our selection of cozy fabrics includes plaid throws in navy, olive, and cream. Match your existing grey, beige, or black color scheme with any combination of plaid or check fabric throws available on these pages.

When you want to add a bit of whimsy, our woven and stenciled holiday throws make celebrating so much fun. Take a look at our growing list of woven throws, and see if you don’t agree, that the quality, sizes, and colors we sell are ideal for all types of home interiors.


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  • 30% off! VHC Brands Providence Pinwheel Jacquard Woven Throw 60x50 Plaids & Checks 17835_1200px.png

    Providence Pinwheel Jacquard Woven Throw 60×50

    $29.95 $20.95
  • VHC Brands Claren Woven Throw 60x50  28476_1200px.png

    Claren Woven Throw 60×50

  • 30% off! 45_19800_Cordova_Throw_60x50_Studio1.jpg

    Cordova Woven Jacquard Throw 60×50

    $29.95 $20.95
  • 30% off! VHC Brands Carrington Woven Acrylic Throw 70x55 Plaids & Checks 19953_1200px.png

    Carrington Woven Acrylic Throw 70×55

    REDUCED SHIPPING $56.95 $39.85
  • VHC Brands Creature Carol Woven Throw 60x50  28484_1200px.png

    Creature Carol Woven Throw 60×50

  • VHC Brands Burgundy Star Throw Woven 60x50 Classic Country 6120_1200px.png

    Burgundy Star Throw Woven 60×50

  • VHC Brands Black Star Throw Woven 60x50 Classic Country 5981_1200px.png

    Black Star Throw Woven 60×50

  • Herringbone Throw - Natural & Seafoam

    Herringbone Throw – Natural & Seafoam

  • Herringbone Throw - Natural & Stone

    Herringbone Throw – Natural & Stone

  • Herringbone Throw - Natural/Mist

    Herringbone Throw – Natural/Mist

  • Open Knit Throw - Seafoam

    Open Knit Throw – Seafoam

  • Open Knit Throw - Mist

    Open Knit Throw – Mist

  • Open Knit Throw - Natural

    Open Knit Throw – Natural

  • Rowan Throw - Slate

    Rowan Throw – Slate

    FREE SHIPPING $59.95
  • Rowan Throw - Stone

    Rowan Throw – Stone

    FREE SHIPPING $59.95
  • Rowan Throw - Seafoam

    Rowan Throw – Seafoam

    FREE SHIPPING $59.95
  • Double Weave Throw - Natural

    Double Weave Throw – Natural

  • Bristol Throw - Slate

    Bristol Throw – Slate

    FREE SHIPPING $44.95
  • Bristol Throw - Sienna

    Bristol Throw – Sienna

    FREE SHIPPING $44.95
  • Triangles Throw

    Triangles Throw

    FREE SHIPPING $84.95
  • Wayfair Knitted Throw - Pear

    Wayfair Knitted Throw – Pear

    FREE SHIPPING $89.95

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