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Rustic ClocksRustic Clocks at Primci

The rustic clocks feature aged and distressed look.  They are available through Park Designs and Colonial Tin Works.  These brands focus on rustic and distressed country decor.
We have wood clocks and country mantle clocks for your country home.  At Primci, you get free shipping on all orders over $39.99.  We want to ensure you have the right clock for the right room.  We are available for any questions you have by phone or live chat.


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  • 25% off! Small Kitchen Scale Clock

    Small Kitchen Scale Clock

    REDUCED SHIPPING $34.45 $25.95
  • General Store Wall Clock

    General Store Wall Clock

  • 46% off! Café Wall Clock

    Café Rustic Wall Clock

    $36.95 $19.95
  • 27% off! Framed Old Town Clock

    Framed Old Town Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $123.95 $89.95
  • 10% off! Park Designs Star Wall Clock 21-048

    Star Wall Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $204.95 $184.95
  • Deco Metal Clock

    Deco Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $109.95
  • Avery Metal Clock

    Avery Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $109.95
  • Round Champagne Metalic Clock

    Round Champagne Metalic Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $239.95
  • Antique Metal Clock Cream

    Antique Metal Clock Cream

    FREE SHIPPING $199.95
  • White Wire Metal Clock

    White Wire Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $135.95
  • Oval Filagree Table Clock Clay

    Oval Filagree Table Clock Clay

    FREE SHIPPING $79.95
  • Metal Wheel Clock

    Metal Wheel Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $179.95
  • Metal Lantern Clock Bordeaux

    Metal Lantern Clock Bordeaux

    FREE SHIPPING $95.95
  • Black And Gold Metal Clock

    Black And Gold Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $179.95
  • Metallic Metal Clock

    Metallic Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $89.95
  • Spa Blue Metal Clock

    Spa Blue Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $179.95
  • Weathered Metal Clock

    Weathered Metal Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $179.95
  • Mira Wood Clock - 42"

    Mira Wood Clock – 42″

    FREE SHIPPING $139.95
  • Somerwick Wood Clock

    Somerwick Wood Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $129.95
  • Black Square Wood Clock

    Black Square Wood Clock

    FREE SHIPPING $229.95
  • Wood Clock - Taupe

    Wood Clock – Taupe

    FREE SHIPPING $259.95

Order December 14th by 8:00 pm CST to receive it before the holiday due to our holiday break and order volumes. Dismiss