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Country Bathroom Decor

Have you ever had that “WOW” feeling when you walked into a bathroom fully decorated in that country bathroom decor?  There is no feeling like it.  Most bathrooms have that bathroom feel which is, “It’s just a bathroom.”  There are some that give that feeling of comfort and feeling of home.  This is the type of rustic bathroom decor we focus on.

Our bathroom decor features mason jars and barn tin toilet paper holder.  Chicken wire mini jewelry holder that will fit on your vanity.Country Bathroom Decor for a Rustic and Country Home by Primci

Primitive Shower Curtains

The country shower curtains come in patchwork fabric and machine stitched.  They are not like the standard cheap plastic you see at the traditional store.  These shower curtains come with primitive stars or a coastal look.  Select from a black check shower curtain or a red plaid look.

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers and Lotion Dispensers

Who doesn’t like mason jar soap dispensers?  Every guest sees them and uses them.  They will give your farmhouse bathroom that final touch of a country home.  We have them in various sizes and different color lids, black and barn roof tin.

Rustic Towel Racks

Our rustic towel racks are made of pipe and iron.  You can pick from a vanity setup or a wall towel rack.


Order December 14th by 8:00 pm CST to receive it before the holiday due to our holiday break and order volumes. Dismiss