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If you’re looking for a way to add texture to your home and make it feel like you’re on vacation all the time, rope is a great way to go. It gives a natural, nautical feel that will make you feel like you live your life on the beach. And there are a ton of ways to use rope in your home décor. 

From lamps and vases to mirrors, doormats, and baskets, read on to learn how you can easily make rope a part of your home look today.


Ottomans are a great addition to any space, no matter what your décor style is. They offer great storage, extra seating when you need it, and a good alternative to putting your feet up on the coffee table. But they work especially well when you’re looking to add more rope to your interior décor.

There are a number of ways you can use rope to dress up an ottoman. If you have a round ottoman, start at the center of the top and coil the rope around the ottoman until the whole thing is covered. If you have a rectangular ottoman, especially one that opens, you can just wrap the rope around the base and leave the top its original fabric; rope goes with anything.


If you don’t have an ottoman around the house, large baskets can make for great storage alternatives. They’re an excellent place to keep blankets or extra throw pillows, or you can use them to store magazines, books, or other reading material. And if you’re a crafter, a basket is a great place to store a few extra balls of yarn or current projects. 

Rope is a perfect material to make baskets out of for your living space. They’re sturdy enough to keep your belongings contained but soft and flexible both in texture and in decorating style. You can get rope baskets in a neutral tan color or in bright colors for a pop of energy in your living space.


If you want to bring some rope into your interior decorating without committing to refinishing a whole basket or ottoman, trivets can be a great option. Everyone needs them; they save your tables from obnoxious water rings or burn marks from hot dishes. And rope, with its absorbent qualities, makes the perfect material for trivets and coasters. 

You can find adorable woven trivets and coasters at a variety of crafting and home goods stores. Or, if you prefer and are the creative sort, you can make them yourself. Just get some twine or thin-grade rope, coil it up to the desired size, and hot glue a felt pad of the right side to the back to hold everything in place.

Planters and Vases

Planters are an excellent way to use rope in the house, and you can change their style based on what decorating vibe you’re going for. If you have large potted plants in the house, you may want to consider wrapping one of the pots in rope. You can also use thin rope or strong twine to make a macramé plant hanger if you want a more boho, modern vibe.

You can also use rope to wrap a vase in if you’re the kind who likes to keep cut flowers around. You can buy rope-wrapped vases if you like, but they’re also pretty straightforward to make. Simply wrap some thinner rope around a glass vase and hot glue it in place as you go.


Another great way to bring a touch of the sea to your dining table is to have placemats made of coiled rope. Much like with the baskets and trivets, you can make these placemats any style you like. There are woven placemats for sale, but if you prefer, you can DIY your own.

Get rope in the color you like and coil it up to the size you want it to be. If you’d like it to be colorful, try dip dyeing a natural-colored rope for a cool faded look. Hot glue your rope coil down to a felt backing, being sure to keep everything flat so you don’t wind up with lumpy placemats.


Doormats are an awesome way to use rope in your interior design. Again, like with the trivets and placemats, rope doormats (or area rugs, if you prefer) are easy to make yourself. You may want to get a heavier grade rope for the bigger projects, unless you want a thinner doormat.

You can also buy some gorgeous braided or woven rope doormats at home goods stores or online. Some of these look like elaborate sailor’s knots or Celtic knots, if that’s the style you prefer. Others make excellent use of colored rope or even have various patterns woven into the structure of the doormat.


Mirrors may seem like an odd place to use ropes in your house, but they can actually be one of the best ways to incorporate it into your decorating scheme. Rope-framed mirrors are a great way to add a nautical touch without going overboard with the theme. You’ll want to use a round mirror for this project if you plan to DIY, since it will have the added tie of portholes on a ship.

You can certainly cover a round mirror frame in rope and hot glue it down if you’re wanting a simple look for the piece. A lot of rope-framed mirrors, however, have perpendicular “wraps” around the frame on four sides. This gives a sort of compass rose/porthole look that helps to reemphasize the nautical look of the mirror.


Lamps provide a prime opportunity for you to incorporate some rope into your interior design. Table lamps are the best candidate for this, as they have nice round bases that work well with rope wrapping. But if you want to use a floor lamp for this project, you can make that work as well.

If you’re using a table lamp, you can wrap either the base or the shade with rope using the same technique we discussed before. If you want to wrap the lampshade, make sure you use a LED bulb in the lamp to avoid any fire-based incidents with the rope. If you’d like to use a floor lamp, try wrapping a section of the lamp post with rope.


You can also use rope to create an adorable sign to hang anywhere in your house. All you need is a board, some hot glue, and an idea of what you want your new décor piece to look like. Great places to hang this piece include on your headboard, in your entrance hall, in your living room, or in a bathroom.

The first thing you’ll want to do is prime your background board; you may want to use chalkboard paint, metallic spray paint, or a solid color, depending on where you want the board to go and the look you want to create. Then shape the word or words you want to spell out on your board – cursive is a good idea for this, and you don’t want to start gluing anything down yet. Once your piece looks like you want it to, then glue down small sections of the rope at a time using hot glue.

Room Divider

You can also use rope to create an amazing partition in a room if you want to divide it up without building a full wall. This can work well in kitchens to create a dining space or in bedrooms to create a dressing area. There’s even a way you can make this work in a rental space without forfeiting your security deposit.

Figure out the dimensions of the area you want to section off (width and height) and build a wood frame that fits those dimensions. Then take rope (a heavier grade is preferable here) and run it in parallel vertical lines across the frame, leaving a few inches of space in between each line. Nail the rope in place at either end, and stand the frame up in its designated space – you’ll have a gorgeous divider that doesn’t completely cut off the space.

Hand Rail

If you have stairs in your house, you may want to consider making the hand rail out of rope. This is a unique and beautiful way to bring the nautical vibe into your space. (As a note, if you have someone in your household who relies on the hand rail to safely use the stairs – children or older adults, for instance – this may not be the best idea for your house.)

You’ll want a heavier rope to use for this project – one that’s at least three inches in diameter is going to work best. Get curtain rod hooks or similar hardware that will hold your rope up at a home improvement store. Place those evenly along your stairwell, and then arrange your rope, tying a knot and leaving some slack for the rope to hang down at either end.

Get More Home Décor Ideas

Rope is a great way to bring an elegant, natural vibe to your home décor, no matter what your style is. While we wouldn’t recommend using all of these ideas in your home (the effect might be a little overwhelming), one or two will add marvelous texture to your space.

If you’d like to find more awesome home décor ideas like this one, visit the rest of our site at Primci. We have the best in home décor products and inspiration to make your space what you want it to be. Shop our kitchen and dining collections today.