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You don’t have to live in a barn to embrace country home decorating. HGTV dedicates serious screen time to rustic interior design with shows such as Fixer Upper, Living Country, and Home Town, so it’s no wonder that people are rushing to incorporate country charm into their own homes. Whether you live in an apartment in the city or a split-level ranch on the outskirts of town, you can easily give your home a charming country makeover with a free weekend and a small budget.

Even the Washington Post has caught on to the craze, pointing out elements of primitive rustic decor that millennials are rushing to put in their homes such as barn doors, farmhouse sinks, and natural materials.

If you’re a fan of this design trend, but you aren’t really sure where to start, have no fear. We’ve put together 3 simple and affordable ways to embrace southern charm in your own home without investing a ton of time or money.

Get Cozy with Color

Country home decorating is associated with warm earth tones and muted colors. If you’re looking for a simple way to make the switch to rustic design, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a space for less than $100. Are you starting to regret that wild color you used in your guest bedroom? Try swapping it out for a soft beige or cream color to complement the natural design elements you use to accessorize. If you can’t commit to an entire room, painting the cabinets can achieve the same effect. Or, if you’re committed to your wall colors, incorporate pops of colors like soft greens, blues, and browns into your accessories to warm up the space and give it some extra charm.

Embrace Natural Elements

Wood, metal, glass, and unprocessed fabrics like burlap can take natural elements to a whole new level of shabby chic. Replacing faucets, sinks, or other appliances with vintage-looking metal can give your room an antique feel without the antique functionality. Glass jars (think mason jars!) are wonderful multi-use options for storage, decoration, or even as a light fixture. Using a piece of burlap from the store as a table runner is an immediate way to add southern charm to your dining space, and costs only a few dollars. For the adventurous re-modelers, barn doors are an incredible statement piece, but they aren’t cheap- be sure to look into the cost of hardware installation and the door itself before committing.

Get Thrifty with Accessories

Thrift stores, estate sales, and antique fairs are gold mines of southern charm. While it takes a few hours of serious digging, there’s an almost guaranteed chance you can find a totally unique piece to bring home with you. Be sure you know what you’re looking for; some vendors sell antique-appearing furniture or country home decorating that isn’t actually antique. Truly vintage items may come with a higher price tag, so it all comes down to your personal budget. If you want to start small, look for simple accessories such as lamp shades, pillows, chairs, or small furniture pieces like a side table or bookshelf. These can do wonders to transform your living area into a beacon of southern charm without breaking the bank.

Are you in the process of giving your home an extra dose of southern charm? What tips do you have to share? Let us know!