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Wall art is arguably one of the most important design aspects to include in your home. It allows you to create a harmonious design that ties into your preferred color palette, adds texture, and can easily be swapped out to offer your living space a total refresh without the additional cost of a remodel.
Rustic wall decor in particular is a smart addition to any rustic or primitive design. There are a few key things to consider before purchasing or installing rustic wall decor: the color palette, the location, and the style.

The Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for wall decor, just like any other form of decor, requires careful consideration of what your unifying palette should look like.
We recommend choosing wall art pieces that revolve around one similar dominant color. This creates harmony and balance, but using various shades of the same overall color will all still create variety and excite the eye.
These colors can either complement or contrast the color of your walls and the furniture pieces in your home. Because rustic wall decor is commonly found in earth tones, you may want to look for colors like green, blue, brown, or beige for your wall art. But, a contrasting, bright color like yellow could add a pop to your walls.

The Location

More often than not, your wall art will be seen at eye level, meaning most of your guests will notice your art before anything else in the home. Because of that, location is key.
Do you want your wall art to be the focal point of the room? Or, would you prefer that it is a part of the background without being a distraction? Hanging a prominent piece of artwork above your living room couch, fireplace, or in an entryway may draw the eye more so than it would in a hallway or kitchen.

The Style

Rustic wall decor, like most other country decor, typically includes natural textures and materials like wood, metal, or glass. You can combine these elements to create stunning gallery walls, or use more dramatic pieces to establish a focal point in your room of choice.
Here are some ways you can incorporate various styles of rustic wall decor into your home:
Mix up wooden and metal picture frames to create a gallery wall of family photos in a hallway
Hang a large, abstract glass mirror above a couch
Install a wooden sculpture (like driftwood) above your fireplace or install a natural wood mantle
Use assorted sizes and shapes of brass or iron decorative pieces to create a visually exciting wall installation
The possibilities are endless when it comes to making rustic wall decor work within your home. As we mentioned, your wall art is one of the most important design elements when decorating your home. It adds a finishing touch to a room, unifies a color palette, and creates visual excitement for your guests. If you choose the right pieces, it could transform your home into your own country chic dream.