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Neutral colors can inspire a sense of stillness and calmness. Neutral color schemes are chic and timeless. Still, your neutral home may leave you and your guests wanting a little bit more.

That’s why you should consider adding a pop of color to your otherwise neutral home. This will add visual intrigue and give the design more life and personality.

Are you wondering how you can achieve this seemingly impossible feat? Are you afraid to interrupt your neutral color scheme?

Don’t have any fear. Here’s how you can add a tiny pinch of color to your neutral home decor and create a more welcoming space.

Look to the Floor

No space can ever be complete without an area rug. You can add a rug to any area, ranging from large to small. You can add a rug to a bathroom, hallway, or living room.

If you have hardwood or tile floors, adding a rug will add a dimension of texture and pattern. Your guests’ eyes will fall directly to the floor, making the rug a focal point of the whole room.

A rug is also a great way to add a subtle or even bold color element. The colors and patterns you choose will depend on your personal preferences.

Keep in mind a rug can be a great way to hide dirt and dust amid color and patterns.

Bowls of Fruit

Are you afraid of making your home look artificial when you add elements of color? You can draw color into your kitchen with a range of different fruits and vegetables. You’ll even maintain your rustic feel.

Curating a bowl of fruit isn’t too difficult. It’s a matter or placing fruit in a bowl that you and your family will likely eat.

You don’t want to be wasting food.

You can display a bowl of red peppers, purple onions, yellow bananas, and orange oranges.

This is perhaps the easiest and most subtle way to add color to your neutral home.

Plants and Flowers

Similar to the above, plants and flowers offer a way to add color without risking your rustic feel. This has been a huge interior design trend in recent years. This is largely due to the desire to bring the outdoors into the home.

Plants and flowers offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They can invigorate your home with oxygen, purify the air, and reduce stress.

You can choose from succulents, leafy plants, large flowers, small flowers, and much more. Cluster them in one spot or arrange them across a space. The colors of plants will reflect off any glass, water, or metal surfaces nearby.

You will need to consider how much light and water each of your new plant children need.

Pillows and Blankets

Do you need a little bit of drama in your space? You can use pillows and blankets to draw some attention where you want.

You can find pillows and blankets in a range of different dramatic colors and patterns. Think of this:

You walk into your living room and see a brown leather couch. Draped over the arm of the couch is a blue and white striped wool blanket. To match, there’s a white pillow against the blanket and a white pillow at the opposite end.

This specific example may not be your particular taste, but you can imagine the possibilities.

Art and Photography

There’s no better excuse for absurdity than in art and photography. Art can be as divisive as it is unifying. There is an inherent element of excitement to any space which displays any piece of artwork.

A person’s taste in art reveals their deeper sense of what’s valuable in this world.

When you’re decorating your new space, consider hanging up any art or photos which catch your eye.

This can add elements of color, texture, and even movement to your home. Art is human and inspiring, and it belongs in all homes.

The spectrum of art is as wide and varied as humanity itself. Your sure to find some piece of art to satisfy your personal style and give your home a new sense of warmth and depth.

Mind the Accessories

You can add pops of color to a room with some of the smaller accessories. These are the smaller things beyond the pillows, blankets, and rugs.

Think about your kitchen appliances. You can add a pop of color when you add a red or electric blue toaster to your kitchen counter.

Even an adorned egg can add exciting elements of color to any room.

Choose One Major Statement Piece

If your home has a neutral color scheme, you have a lot of room to play with some dramatic colors. Of course, you want to keep the integrity of the neutral scheme.

However, you might choose to make one piece of furniture a statement piece. For example, you might add a red velvet armchair to a brown and beige living room.

You might add an electric blue rug to your hardwood floors.

The idea here is to add something eye-catching to your room without overwhelming the room. This will help you find a center point around which you can build the rest of the room.

You might add a few complimentary accessories around the rest of the space. Keep in mind your statement piece shouldn’t clash with the overall tones of the room.

Always use your best judgment.

Add Color to Your Neutral Home Decor

If you’re worried about adding color to your neutral color scheme, have no fear. Chances are you won’t turn your home into a work of modern art.

Adding a pop of color is easy and fun. You can use your pillows, furniture, and even your toaster to add color to the neutral home decor. The possibilities go on forever.

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of personality to your new living space. Are you looking for decor to add to your home? Check out the decor we have to offer.