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Did you know that most homeowners prefer remodeling their home rather than finding a new one? After all, more than 58% of homeowners spent about $15,000 remodeling their home.

If you’re in that bracket and still looking for a better ambiance for your home, you might want to try building a rustic kitchen or a good bar to complete the look.

Not sure how a home bar should look or where to begin designing it? Read on if you want great home bar ideas that fit whatever preferences you have:

1. Work on the Angles

When you’re trying to make a good home bar, it’s always better to start with the layout. To make things more exciting, choose something more interesting than the usual straight or L-shaped ones. A lot of contemporary designers favor styles with 45-degree angles between two direct corners.

The benefit of using this design is that you get a little more space for both sitting and standing. Don’t worry about whether you’ll have enough space for it. After all, if your house has enough space for L-shaped bars, you will have room for this angled bar design.

2. Use Two-Tier Bars for Different Purposes

Also known as double-level bars, two-tier bars have two separate surfaces: one at normal table height and another at standing bar height. The design is great since it allows you to use it for more than just drinking your favorite wine and other drinks.

Having a two-tier bar enables you to use the space for both eating and casual conversation. The best part is that this bar allows this to happen at the same time. It’s versatile since you can put a snack buffet alongside your drinks.

3. Match Bar Stools to the Bar Top

Typical bar tops stand around 41-43 inches from the floor. That’s why it’s important to match the bar stool height, meaning it should stand around 29-32 from the floor to seat. With this, you’re guaranteed to accommodate almost anyone.

It’s better to get bar stools that have small backs for support. After all, these offer comfort and prevent back pain. With more than 80% of the population bound to experience back pain at some point, you need sturdy bar stools with soft padding.

There are a lot of styles you can choose from. That means you’ll find seating that will work great with your bar. A good alternative is to skip stools and get bars with rounded edges to make it easier to lean against.

4. Use Classic Pendant Lighting Alongside Recessed Lights

The most traditional method of lighting bars is pendant lighting. If you want your home bar to look gorgeous, get a cluster of three or four lights. Make sure they’re positioned at the center above the bar.

You can opt for bulbs with lower wattage and soft lights. This will give your bar area a pub-like ambiance. With LED lights, you have an adaptable option to install lighting wherever you please.

5. Durable Bar Surfaces with Style

Always remember to give your all on the bar surface. It’s the most visible part of your bar, and it works hard each day. If you’re not sure where to start, use the classics—granite and marble slabs give your bar a top-tier appearance despite the price.

If you want an affordable alternative, try using tiles. They aren’t as impressive on bars, but they give durability that can last a lifetime. For a traditional pub look, try using dark wood for a warmer, more inviting look.

Do you want a more modern look? If so, you can use stainless steel and butcher block for the bar surface. Glass is also a great option.

Don’t opt for surfaces that might peel or crack as time goes by.

6. A Well-Stocked Bar is a Good Bar

A good staple for a well-stocked bar is a classic bar book. This should have the recipes for any cocktail that you can serve to your guests. But that means you need to stay stocked up for the necessary ingredients to make it work.

For this, you need to have storage space for ingredients as well as glassware and gadgets in your bar. Get a separate space for beer, wine, sodas, and your collection of spirits.

7. Get Countertop Icemaker

It doesn’t matter whether your bar has a sink—get a countertop ice maker. These appliances aren’t expensive, considering the convenience they give. You won’t have to run back and forth from the kitchen while carrying an ice bucket.

Countertop icemakers make serving drinks on the rocks easier and classier. Most of all, everyone will love it.

8. Use Your Walls

If you want good home bar designs, you might want to look at the closest walls to the bar space. It’s possible for these areas to become parts of your bar. It isn’t just about the design and color—make sure they become parts of your overall theme.

Put a few shelves that can hold your wine bottles as a start. You can also add a stemware rack to store your best glasses. There are a lot of other options out there—use your imagination.

9. Add Mirrors for Depth and Style

A lot of public bars use mirrors on the walls. Mirrors in your bar area is a good method of visual space expansion and light reflection. A home bar will benefit a lot, making the right type of mirrors part of the most important design elements.

Get Better Home Bar Ideas Today!

Your bar should be a place where you can relax and entertain guests. It’s a place where you can find merriment and peace while you drink your favorite wine. There are a lot of other home bar ideas you can browse, but you can use this list as a solid starting point.

Do you need to get the right décor and other home implements? If so, don’t hesitate and contact us today. We can help you pick the best from our wide catalog of products and suit your tastes.