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Do you love the rustic look? If so, you’re one of the many designers who is jumping on this trend! Rustic chic is one of the hottest looks right now, especially for millennials.

If you’re in need of a bathroom re-design, you’ll be surprised how well the rustic look can do as bathroom décor theme.

But you’re limited – common rustic materials such as wood don’t do as well in the bathroom and it can be difficult making a bathroom look as comfy and quaint.

Don’t think a rustic bathroom isn’t possible! Here are 15 ideas to inspire your bathroom rustic transformation.

1. It Doesn’t Have to Be All Barnyard

The bathroom has specific staples. You have the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub.

Unless you would rather have an outhouse (we hope you don’t want that!) there’s no need to stress making every detail fit the rustic look.

For the bathroom staples, focus on quality. For a rustic look, add rustic-inspired accents. See if you can add wood to the sink handles. Add a rustic-looking rug. Instead of cabinets, install a wooden armoire.

2. Gray Instead of Brown

Brown is a staple of the rustic style. But brown isn’t the best color for a bathroom.

Instead of decorating with brown, decorate with gray. This combines the best of two interior style trends: rustic and minimalism.

Gray is best for the walls and cabinets. Choose a lighter gray shade for a classic home feel. Opt for wooden planks over tile or linoleum.

3. White Works, Too!

Can’t find a shade of gray you like? Opt for white. White is perfect for décor. It’s crisp, versatile, and doesn’t look loud. If you use white décor in a certain way, it’ll give your bathroom an old mill type of vibe.

If you’re afraid of the bathroom looking too bland, use wood and paint it white.

Find a white armoire and store rustic-inspired pieces. Find a vintage bathtub or toilet in white.

Speaking of vintage…

4. Find Vintage Appliances

If you feel like digging, you can find antique bathroom appliances. This not only perfects a rustic bathroom but also makes your bathroom look historical.

Start with the sink. Many antique sinks were made of metal or copper. You can probably easily find one.

Next, find a vintage tub. It will likely be a standalone tub and not connected to a shower. These come in a variety of materials and styles.

5. Accessorize!

When it comes to bathroom décor, it’s all in the way you accessorize. This is key when designing a rustic bathroom.

The best way to find rustic accessories is by finding vintage pieces.

Vintage mirrors, classic beauty products, and antique art are all perfect examples. You can also keep vintage jars and fill them with essential products such as cotton swabs.

Where’s the best place to add these accessories? Start with the vanity. This is also the best option if you do your hygiene or beauty routine in the bathroom.

You can also accessorize with bathroom essentials. Instead of choosing boring, white towels, find some towels with unique rustic-inspired designs.

6. Find Repurposed Items

One of the most fun (and eco-friendly) aspects about rustic design is the opportunity to repurpose different items. Rather than throwing something out or making it collect dust, you’re giving it a new purpose in your bathroom.

What can you repurpose? You don’t have to buy a brand new sink. If you have or can find an old feeding trough, transform it into a sink!

For repurposing, you don’t only have to think big. Is there cute pottery you never use? Use it as a soap holder.

7. Use Natural Materials

Nothing screams rustic more than nature. That’s why a staple in rustic design is natural materials, especially when used in furniture.

Most rustic lovers use wood. But wood isn’t your only natural material option for the bathroom. In the bathroom, soapstone and stone and great options. Marble is also an option, but it doesn’t look as rustic as other natural materials.

Natural materials shouldn’t be confined to furniture. Wooden and stone walls perfectly compliment the rustic style.

8. Stay Simple

It’s easy to want to go overboard with rustic design. But the best rustic-inspired rooms are simple.

Think of your grandparent’s house. Do you think your grandparents were trying to decorate in rustic style? Or did they decorate with what they had or liked? This is why rustic style tends to be more nostalgic than other styles.

For this advice, find what you think defines the rustic style. Is it a certain color scheme? Is it the décor or the materials? Is rustic elegant or is it barnyard?

9. Think in Terms of Era

“Rustic” is only defined as “relating to the country or rural.” Because many rustic pieces are seen throughout history, sticking to an era will make your bathroom stand out.

The décor doesn’t have to be complex. Find whatever qualities best represent that time period.

For example, create an Industrial Revolution-themed bathroom with metal appliances and machinery accents.

Another great example is the Old West. Create a log cabin-esque bathroom with wooden and brick accents.

10. Use Copper

Copper is a great rustic material and is a great alternative if you don’t want to use wood. Copper was a popular material used for both appliances and décor, especially in the 40s and 50s.

Today, many people create copper goods.

You can even find copper bathroom appliances and furniture at auctions, thrift stores, and even online. If you don’t care about authentic vintage pieces, many brands and artists make vintage-inspired copper pieces.

11. Rustic Can Be Girly, Too!

Who said rustic has to be all farmhouse and no glamour? If you’re a girly or feminine gal, you can express your feminine side with rustic fashion.

Pink is a great rustic color. Pink holds a subtle pop of color against classic rustic styles.

There’s one shade of pink that’s seriously trending right now: rose gold. Rose gold looks amazing against rustic styles. Find rose gold furniture, décor, towels, and even flowers for your bathroom.

12. Focus on Practicality

The rustic style has never been stylish until now. Back in your grandparent’s era, rustic pieces were all they had available. Back then, they decorated based on functionality and not as much about appearances.

While it’s tempting to litter your bathroom with knick-knacks, each piece in your bathroom should be functional. Bring in an armoire or install wooden cabinets.

But this doesn’t mean your functional pieces should look ugly. Find an exquisite antique mirror and display some stylish towels.

13. Bring Back Old Trends

Rustic is all about the simple and the vintage. Hygiene was done differently in past periods compared to our hygiene and beauty routine today. Take this opportunity to bring back some trends from the good ol’ days.

Instead of shaving with a disposable razor, shave with a straight blade razor (yes – they still sell those).

Instead of settling for body spray, buy a reusable vintage perfume bottle and refill it with your favorite perfume.

14. Find Vintage Products

The products you use today likely didn’t exist when your grandparents were your age. If you can find vintage bathroom products, display them as tokens of the past.

Here’s the issue – many of us weren’t alive back then, and we have no idea what was popular and what wasn’t. Fortunately, many of your favorite bathroom brands today existed during that time.

Find vintage products from popular modern brands such as Crest.

See if you can find other bathroom essentials, such as cleaning products, from the 50’s.

15. The Architecture Matters

Are you trying to decorate your rustic bathroom, following this advice and are still falling short? Your architecture may be to blame.

Between the 50’s and 70’s, bathrooms were extremely simple. The bathroom was a straight path, with the sink, toilet, and tub arranged together.

Today, bathrooms can have a complex design. Bathrooms are much larger today than before. Some have twists and turns, hallways, and even a separate room for the toilet.

If you think this is your issue, you’ll have to gut out your bathroom and completely redo it. Like we mentioned before, simplicity is key with rustic design.

There’s no reason to have a large and lavish bathroom if you’re going for the rustic look.

The Rustic Bathroom Is Seriously Trending!

When we’re decorating our house in a rustic fashion, the last room we suspect to decorate is the bathroom. But the rustic bathroom is seriously trending!

Use this advice and create the most stunning rustic bathroom. Remember, rustic is simple and versatile. Worst come to worst, gut out your bathroom and start over.

Are you ready to buy new products for your rustic bathroom? Take a look at our bath department.