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For most of us, redecorating our home is about the public spaces. We put time into creating living rooms and kitchens other people will enjoy spending time in, but we usually forget about the most important room.  Our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries. It’s the place we keep all our most intimate possessions and we are it our most vulnerable when we sleep.  Your bedroom shouldn’t be chaotic or make you feel stressed. It’s the one place you should be anxious to get back to when you’ve had a hectic day.

How do you accomplish this feeling? You decorate in a style that promotes relaxation. With cozy fabrics and muted pastel colors. Basically, making yourself a French country bedroom will do the trick.  We’ve looked around and found the most important parts of French country decor for you to implement in your place. Keep reading for our design tips.

Your French Country Bedroom

If you could only decorate one room in your house with a French country theme, that room oughta be your bedroom. The touches of rustic and country that are incorporated into this style will make even the most modern house in the middle of a bustling city feel quaint and homey which is the perfect environment for sleep and relaxation.  And although French country decor relies heavily on floral prints and glamours accessories, it isn’t intimidatingly chic. Distressed furniture, imperfection, and personalization are what make French country so easy to adapt.

If you love a neutral, understated color palette, mixed patterns, and soft airy fabrics that include lace and linens you will love our French country decor tips.

Here are 15 essentials you need to really pull this style off.

1. Light Colored Walls

An essential part of every French country bedroom falls onto the background. The color of the walls. You don’t want anything too dark or bold here. French decor is about soft earthy pastels and neutrals.

The best hues are:

  • Sage green
  • Dove grey
  • Soft blue
  • Lavender
  • Muted yellow

Be creative and allow elements of your personality to come through. You can play with contrasting trimming and wall colors, an accent wall of a different shade, or wallpaper in a faded floral or damask print.

Keep the colors soothing and understated. A bonus here is these colors promote sleep and tranquility.

2. The Right Bedding

When you’re shopping for bedding, steer clear of heavy fabrics like wool. Instead, layer light airy linen, lace and cotton with chunky knit throws.  Incorporate multiple shades within the same color family to create dimension. When paired together colors like white, cream, and ivory are inviting and elegant.  Don’t use a stiff or starchy bed skirt. Your French country bed needs a ruffled heirloom, linen, sheer voile drop, or eyelet skirt.

3. Light Fixtures

A chandelier over your bed or vanity will become the centerpiece of your French country bedroom like a statement necklace. This is where you should play with a little shine or show off your tastes for vintage elegance.  For your chandelier, choose, white, gold, brass, or bronze colors. Keep this in mind when choosing other lighting. Whether you put a lamp on your night table or choose a floor lamp, buy one in a different color.

For example, if your chandelier is gold, get a brass lamp. French country d?cor isn’t about uniformity.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Mix Prints

Floral prints, plaid, stripes, and of course Toile de Jouy can be mixed throughout your bedroom. These prints are perfect for interesting pops of color on throw pillows, rugs, blankets and curtains.  The mixing you see in this style of decor is the perfect blend of femininity and ruggedness.

5. Rustic and Wrought Iron Accessories

The best French country bedrooms are rustic, yet polished. Dress up a wrought iron chaise or vanity with high-end fabrics, pillows, and cushions.  Rustic styling can also be incorporated in your floors when they’re made from cement or clay.  Your rustic pieces can include candle holders, accent chairs, and end tables. These touches make a room homey while keeping it elegant.

6. Plants

If you don’t have a green thumb, invest in beautiful silk flowers to decorate your room. Put the flowers in crystal vases, ceramic milk jars, or antique jars.  Potted plants and framed vintage floral prints make great additions as well.  Lavender, roses, myrtle topiaries, and maidenhair ferns make lovely additions to the French country aesthetic.

7. Canopy Beds and Intricate Headboards

You can’t have a beautiful French country inspired bedroom with a plain Jane bedframe and headboard. These details should be grand and intricate, yet neutrally colored.  Choose something iron, a sleigh bed, large arched headboards, and padded headboards. A studded, upholstered daybed or a platform bed will bring a modern sense to a classic room.  You can also try less common materials like wicker and delicately carved wood. Find inspiration in antique furniture with wood applique wood carvings on headboards, foot boards, and legs.

8. Vintage Touches

Vintage pieces and antiques will add refinement to your cozy room. We love vintage mirrors and vanity trays. However, don’t forget to incorporate personal pieces that blend with your personality.  For example, if you love writing you can use a vintage typewriter as a decoration. For the girl who loves fashion, a vintage dress mannequin is an excellent way to display scarves and belts.

9. Flowing Pleated Curtains and Drapes

There’s a reason we’ve never seen a French country bedroom without an accompanying set of curtains or drapes. Window treatments like the paint on your walls are important background pieces to your bedroom.  Light fabrics flow nicely when the windows are open and they give the room a fancy feel. Use valences, tailored panels, and lace to bring texture and framing to the windows.

10. Plush Seating

Most people don’t think about having seating areas in their bedrooms, but it’s a must in French decor. Have enough seating for at least yourself and one other person.  This spot can be tucked away in a cozy little corner. Use upholstered benches cozy armchairs, or stylish wingback chairs. Don’t add too much clutter to this space, but a small accent table or a couple of throw pillows will add to the relaxation here.

11. Posh Vanity

One reason French women age so gracefully is they make time for self-care. Bring this to your bedroom with a modernized vanity table.  Make your pampering space all your own and buy a desk and mirror instead of choosing a vanity set that has already been put together.  Antique mirrors make vanities look chic and expensive. And if you can’t find an old mirror to your liking, you can fake an antique look on your own. You just need a little time for this DIY project.

Choose a chair that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a throne.

You can use a classic vanity stool or a beautiful accent chair. Organize your perfumes, makeup, and jewelry with glamourous mirrored trays and shelving.

12. Whitewashed Wood

Maybe it will be a whitewashed wooden dresser with brass handles. Or a whitewashed bookshelf to display framed photography, books, and trinkets.  These pieces speak to the country part of the French country trend. Do you have hardwood floors?  Take the whitewash up a notch and redo the floors. If you choose to do whitewashed wood floors, you shouldn’t do the same with larger furniture like a dresser.

13. A Little Gold

You can’t speak on French glamour and elegance without having a few sparkling pieces. This is a fun one, so try not to go overboard.  Save the gold for a full-length wall mirror, lamps, accent chairs or gold leaf night tables.

14. Decorative Birdcages

Birdcages are excellent conversation starters that can add a whimsical flair to the room. Hang a birdcage from the ceiling or set it on an accent table.  You can put a plant, pottery, or a set of flameless battery operated candles inside. Birdcages are also fun ways to add your bits of wrought iron, whitewashed wood, or gold.

15. Patina

Patina can be used on flooring, walls, or furniture. It’s a film that comes in colors like bronze, gold, green, and brown that gives off the aged look you’d get from exposing the material to acids.  Patina is the way to go if you can’t find a truly antique piece that you love.

Contact Us

We love that French country bedrooms are relaxing, timeless works of art. If these design ideas were helpful for you, continue to follow our blog and contact us with questions.  We’re here to help you decorate your best home yet.